Pork Chart ?>

Pork Chart

Cuts of pork chart shown on live pig.

Retail cuts of pork

All parts of the pig are edible. The jowl region can produce bacon square or packaged with the pigs feet and enjoyed in some parts of
the United States as they are.
Fat back is also enjoyed as its leaner counter part,
The picnic shoulder can be fresh or smoked at the locker
or ground as pork or sausage.
The Boston shoulder produces pork cutlets, cubed pork,
pork steak, smoked or fresh shoulder roll, rolled Boston roast or Boston butt roast.
The loin produces first cut chops, center cut chops, loin chops, breakfast chops, pork cutlets, butterfly chops, country ribs, spare ribs, loin chops, canadian bacon, rolled loin, rolled double loin, tenderloins, blade loin, center loin and loin end roast.
Spare ribs and bacon side produce sliced bacon, salt pork
and slab bacon.
The leg produces fresh or smoked ham, boneless ham, sliced ham, canned ham, center ham steaks and ham.