Pig Facts ?>

Pig Facts

Poland China pig in the shade.
-Pigs enjoying the shade in the summer.
Hampshire pig itching on lean to post.
-Pigs love to be scratched.
-Pigs are very intelligent and considered to be the fourth
most intelligent animal in the world. First, the chimpanzee, second is the dolphin and thirdly the elephant.
-Some people train and use pigs to find truffles.If pigs are kept in a moveable pen, they can root and fertilize garden spots or planting beds.
-Pigs do not have sweat glands and rely in their environment to help regulate their body temperature, that’s why they wallow in the cool mud.

Poland China pig in the mud.
-Pigs can get sunburned. They should be allowed a mud
wallow and shade. Sunscreen maybe needed.

Piglet in the hay in the sun.
-Pigs enjoy rooting and bedding in loose hay when the weather gets cooler.
-Pigs enjoy walnuts and acorns.
-Pigs are proficient swimmers.
-Pigs have more teeth than humans.
-Pigs can live to be 9-15 years of age with proper care.
-Pigs enjoy human interaction and can be kept as pets.
-Pigs do not shed their hair.
-Pigs can be cannibalistic.
-A good sow can have 8-12 piglets in a litter and produce 2 litters a year. Pig gestation is 112-114 days or 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

Sow and piglets.
-Pigs enjoy playing with “toys” such as tires, bowling balls, rubber feed pans. They will run around and play with excitement in the
summer when misted with water.
-Pigs can be taught some tricks faster than dogs. Food rewards are successful. Discourage any territorial behavior when they are young.

Pig in pig pen.
-Everything on the pig can be consumed by humans, see the pork chart for details.