Mobile Backyard Chicken Coops ?>

Mobile Backyard Chicken Coops

Mobile backyard chicken coops or “chicken tractors” are the newest and best thing for keeping backyard chickens. Everyone can have chickens with mobile backyard chicken coops. From people that live in apartments that want chickens for eggs and yard pest control to the farm or ranch that wants chickens for meat and eggs to be more self sustaining.  Some city laws allow its citizens to own chickens in the city limits.

Mobile chicken coops can be custom made to match any home or barn. They can be purchased or made with nesting boxes, roosting bars and even mobile chicken runs. There are even kits to make your own mobile backyard chicken coop for the do it yourself people.

Cleaning And Moving Mobile Backyard Chicken Coops

Mobile backyard chicken coops are easily cleaned, they can roll around to be washed out or cleaned by the compost pile or in the garage or barn. Some mobile chicken coops even come with a receiver hitch that can be hooked up to an ATV or lawn mower to be moved even more easily. Mobile chicken coops can have two wheels or four wheels like a wagon.
They are easy to adapt to any climate, they can be moved inside a building during harsh winter, or moved into a shady area in the hot summer.

Mobile Backyard Chicken Coops – Sizes

Mobile backyard chicken coop size can be chosen according to the number of chickens in your flock. With a chicken run attached, the mobile chicken coop can be put anywhere in the yard for pest control and moved across the yard as needed.
If you put nesting boxes in your mobile backyard chicken coop, the bedding will need changed a little more often. The chickens are likely to be in a smaller coop more often with the mobile chicken coop, unless you have a chicken run that attaches to the mobile chicken coop.