How To Make Your Own Garlic Powder ?>

How To Make Your Own Garlic Powder

Garlic cloves, chopper and knife.

Garlic cloves seperated.

How to make garlic powder? Condiments are expensive to buy, but great to have. Some of them are very simple to make like garlic. To make garlic powder you will need: cloves of garlic, knife (and  chopper if you have one), medium size bowl, dehydrator and air tight storage containers like jars or zip bags.

Peel And Chop The Garlic Cloves

Garlic cloves peeled.

Garlic cloves to be chopped.Peel and chop the garlic cloves. Start by separating the garlic cloves into pieces or quarters. Then, peel away the first couple of layers of skin. Discard the peeled skin. You should now have quarters or pieces of the garlic cloves. Place the peeled garlic clove pieces in the medium sized bowl.

Place the pieces of peeled garlic clove into the chopper or chop by hand, chop very coarse. Coarse chopped pieces do not fall through the dehydrator grates as easily.

Chopped garlic cloves.

Dehydrate The Garlic

Garlic pieces in the dehydrator.

Dehydrate the garlic. Once the garlic cloves are chopped, then place them evenly spaced in the dehydrator. Dehydrating times will vary depending on humidity, temperature and elevation. Always follow the instructions that came with the dehydrator for dehydrating times. You want to dehydrate the garlic until there is no moisture in it and it snaps clean when you break it in your fingers.  Return all your dehydrated pieces of garlic in the medium sized bowl.

Grind And Store Your Garlic

Dehydrated garlic pieces.

You can grind and store your own garlic. If you want garlic for soups, stews and etc. The pieces that you have dehydrated are perfect and can be stored as they are. These pieces can be rehydrated with water at a later time if needed. However, if you want ground garlic, then you will need to place the dehydrated pieces of garlic in a food processor, coffee grinder or grind by hand. Make sure to grind the
dehydrated pieces into a garlic powder that you will use, either coarse ground or fine ground.

Store the ground garlic powder in zip bags in the freezer or jars with tight sealing lids. Store your home made garlic away from heat and light.

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