How To Keep Your Horse From Chewing On Wood ?>

How To Keep Your Horse From Chewing On Wood

How to keep your horse from chewing on wood. Sometimes some horses will chew on wood, like fencing, stall boards, barn corners and etc. There are many theories about why these horses will do this. Some of them are boredom, lonely, the need to graze if penned in dry lot or attention.
There are also many theories on how to keep your horse from chewing on wood:

  • Wrap exposed wood in wire mesh fencing like box wire or chicken wire.
  • Run an electric fence wire down the exposed wood.
  • Feed supplements specifically designed to keep the horse from chewing on wood.
  • Make sure hay is available for the horse.
  • Make sure that your horse has a buddy – another horse, goat, etc.
  • Some owners will even resort to a muzzle. The horse can eat and drink
    through the muzzle but not chew on wooden fencing, stall boards or the barn.

I have heard of using the juice from a huge jar of marinated jalapeños. To do this, you will need a deep throw-away “butter ware” tub, a jar of marinated jalapeños, disposable gloves, eye protection and a paint brush. (use a 30mL syringe [without the needle] depends on how much area you have to cover).
Make sure to wear your gloves and eye protection at all times while dealing with the jalapeños and juice. Strain the juice into the “butter ware” tub. You can slightly dilute the juice with a little bit of water if you like – depending on the heat of the jalapeños. Use the paint brush to paint the juice on the fencing, stall boards or barn. Allow the painted juice to dry. Dispose of remaining juice.
After the painted juice is dry, you can reintroduce your horse to the area. As always, watch for signs of colic. Every horse is different in regards to what their system can handle.
I have seen articles that say you can also use diluted Tabasco sauce or diluted cayenne pepper. I have not used jalepenos, tabasco or cayenne and cannot recommend them. You will need to do some research if you resort to this.