Horse Sheds, Barns And Livestock Shelters ?>

Horse Sheds, Barns And Livestock Shelters

Round topped barn made of polyethelyne.
Horse sheds, barns or livestock shelters can be made from a variety of of products, metal (tin or steel, polyethylene, polypropylene or wood. They can also be in many forms, a barn, windbreak, lean to or a shelter according to the environment, budget and need.
A horse shed or livestock shelter is just what a rancher needs to protect its livestock and property. They can also be used for machinery, vehicles, supplies, feed, hay and tack. An existing horse shed, shelter or barn can be fixed up and used, a old shelter or barn can be dismantled, reclaimed and re-used at another location or a new shelter or barn erected. The backyard ranch is no different.

Horse Sheds Made Of Metal Or Polyethylene

Horse sheds or metal shelters are also very popular, most finishes are guaranteed not to rust, fade, chip or crack. So painting is not required. They are sometimes expensive, but require the least maintenance.
Horse shed or lean to with a riding arena made of polyethelyne.
The modern polyethylene shelters have several options from small shelters to large shelters that can be used for riding arenas or large machinery. They can be less expensive in some areas with little maintenance. Horse shed made of metal in front with a polyethylene
riding arena/shelter behind.

Horse Sheds Made Of Wood

A horse shed or barn type shelter made of wood needs routine maintenance to stay in its best condition. Barns can feature any type of flooring. Material to build a barn may also be expensive depending on the area and environment. Wood is subject to the weather, insects and time and requires diligent maintenance.
Barn made of wood with hay loft.
Barn made of wood, painted white with hay loft.
Horse shed or shelter on bottom with a hay loft on top
of this red wood barn. Horse shed or shelter on bottom with a hay loft on top of this white wood barn.


A windbreak  can be necessary for a horse shed or livestock shelter where a common shelter is not necessary or desired. It can also be a good start into a shelter as time and budget will allow. A lean to can be a cross between a windbreak and a barn. See above picture of the polyethylene riding arena with a lean to in front to give shelter to the horses in the pen.

A windbreak is placed where the livestock can get out of the direct elements. Horse sheds, barns or livestock shelters are essential and can be a beautiful addition to any backyard ranch. There is a type for every climate and price range.

Red wooden barn with a silo.