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Horse Halters

Blad face and blue eye gelding.

Nylon halter on a mule.

Horse Halters are surrounded by controversy. What type of horse halter to get and whether or not to leave a halter on your quarter horse all the time.
It does make a ranch horse easier to catch sometimes, but it can also get caught on fences, trees and other obstacles. If they do get caught they can cause severe injuries. There are different types of horse halters to consider – horse halters made of nylon, leather and
rope are most common.

Line of horses tied by rope halters.

Horse Halters Made of Nylon

American Quarter Horse tied with nylon halter.

Horse halters made of nylon have a buckle on the side and a clip under the horses head. These halters do not have much stretch or give for the horse. If the halter were to get caught, it would not break free or slip off.
Halters like this need to be bought by appropriate size as they cannot typically be adjusted to fit other than the strap over the head with a buckle.
The clip under the head can come unlatched and get caught on the quarter horse itself or any object, causing serious injury to the horse. Leaving any type of halter on a horse all the time could potentially cause injury.

Horse Halters Made of Leather

Horse halters made of leather may stretch and give slightly with the horse. These halters are typically not adjustable either and need to be bought to the size of the horses head. They provide a classic look, but they also absorb water, dirt and sweat. These things attack the leather and weaken it.
Halters that are made of leather, just like any other leather product need to be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis to stay in usable condition. A dry, dirty and cracked halter will break easily. If your horse gets spooked and pulls back, the halter can snap. This can teach your horse that they can pull back and break free whenever they like. A very hard habit to break.