Home Canning Crockpot Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter ?>

Home Canning Crockpot Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter

Home canning crockpot nectarine maple vanilla butter. Nectarine butter is made from firm ripe nectarines. Nectarine butter does not require using any store bought jell because the fruit has natural pectin. It is meant to be a soft spread.

You will need, 5# nectarines, maple syrup, water, vanilla extract (or beans scraped), crockpot, stockpot, paring knife, cutting board, ladle, boiling water, waterbath canner, flats, jars and rings.

Home Canning Crockpot Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter -Hints On Getting Started

Home canning crockpot nectarine maple vanilla butter starts just as any other home canning project. Jelly jars should be washed and rinsed thoroughly then fill a few at a time with hot or boiling water at least half way to the top of the jar. Jars need to remain hot until they are used. Flats should also be soaking in hot water in a small bowl until they are used. Flats are the flat disc part of the lid of the jar, should never be re-used. Always use new flats. The rings and jars can be used repeatedly. Click here to purchase jelly jars and have them shipped right to your door.

Run a pot of clean water through the brew cycle of your coffee pot, you can use this heated water to fill the jars and and pour over the flats in a small bowl to keep them hot.

Home Canning Crockpot Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter

Nectarines cooking getting soft.

When home canning nectarine maple vanilla butter, start with 5# of nectarines. Wash the nectarines, then pit and chop them. Leave the peels on. Place the pieces in a stock pot. Add 1c of water and 2T lemon juice. Mix well and cook on low until the nectarines are soft. Stir often. When they are soft, liquify them in a blender and pour them into a crockpot, add 3/4c maple syrup and 6t of vanilla extract (use scraped insides of vanilla beans if you have them; however, I make my own vanilla extract and use it – I love vanilla so I use a lot). Cook on high for 4 hours or so UNCOVERED, stir often to prevent scorching and sticking.

Nectarine butter in crockpot.

When the nectarine butter is at desired thickness, ladle the mixture from the crockpot, directly into the prepared sterilized, hot jars. Leave 1/2″ head space above the mixture in the jar. Wipe the mouth of the jar with a clean paper towel and place a hot flat on the jar. Screw a ring over the flat hand tight. Be careful, the mixture is extremely hot.

Place the jars on the rack in the pot or canner, bring the water to a rolling boil and make sure that the water is an inch above the tops of the sealed jars. Start your time when the water is at a rolling boil. This should process or boil for about 10 minutes. This is called a hot water bath. Acidic fruit like pears, plums, peaches and tomatoes can be preserved in a hot water bath.

At 10 minutes, remove the jars with the jar tongs and place them on a dry, heat resistant surface. Make sure not to place them on a surface that is covered in water, this will cause the jars to crack and shatter. This receipe yields approximately 9 jelly jars.

After the have cooled completely and the jars are sealed, you have just finished home canning crockpot nectarine maple vanilla butter. Label your jars, the link for great dissolvable labels is below. Store the jars in a cool, dark place.

Nectarine Maple Vanilla Butter