Hog Sheds ?>

Hog Sheds

Empty hog shed.

Hogs need shelter just as they need feed and water. The shelter or hog shed should fit the climate or environment. Hog sheds work well and can be made out of wood or galvanized steel. Above is an hog shed in a pen, ready to go.
Feeder pigs in hog shed.

Things to consider for a hog shed:
-Overhead shelter and should be closed on three sides, all the way to the ground.
-Make sure to set up the hog shed or shelter so that it faces directly opposite of the prominent winter wind direction.
-Should be anchored to the ground.
-Should not be set in the lowest point of the pen, the shelter should stay dry.
-Doesn’t have to be store bought, but should be sturdy. -Hogs will root around and underneath.
-Adequate number of shelters for number of animals.
-Bedding such as cedar chips or loose hay will be needed if pigs are in a cool climate.

Muddy piglets in hog shed.