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Goat Meat

Goat meat is often called chevon, mutton or cabrito. Over 1 million pounds of goat meat is consumed in the United States every week. Over half of the red meat consumed in the world now is goat meat.  Goat meat is lean and is lower in fat and cholesterol than skinned chicken. Goat meat is a red meat that is easily digestible.
Breeds such as Spanish Meat Goats, Tennessee Meat Goats, South African Boer Goats and New Zealand Kiko Goats are primarily raised for goat meat in the United States. South African Boer Goats are double muscled and gain more muscle than any other goat breed. They cross well with Spanish Meat Goats. Boer goat meat is considered to be more mild in flavor than other goat meats.

Goat Meat Cuts

Goat Meat can be served in cuts just like like beef and pork, such as: loin, chops, shoulder, round steak, liver, sausage, leg and filet. Many cultures consider goat meat as a delicacy.
Naturally raised goat meat can be purchased online in different cuts ready to cook. Gedalias Company also offers recipes for all their cuts.