Emergency Preparedness For Summer Storms and Severe Weather ?>

Emergency Preparedness For Summer Storms and Severe Weather

Summer storm front with rotation.

Emergency preparedness for summer storms and severe weather is very important, often there is no time to react during the storm. Summer storms can bring many different kinds of severe weather including wind sheers, tornadoes, hail, lightning and flash flooding. These storms can produce these kinds of weather and changes rapidly.

Summer storm and severe weather emergency preparedness for families, farmers and ranchers to minimize losses should include the following considerations:

Summer storm with lightning, wind and hail.

  • Do you need flood insurance, livestock insurance or crop insurance?
  • Wind resistant structures.
  • Alternative electricity such as a generator. (A generator large enough to run the necessary equipment to prevent devastating loss).
  • Fence off trees for lightning so livestock will not stand under them in a storm.
  • Plan to find shelter near an inside wall of your home or in a storm shelter.
  • Conduct tornado drills and make sure everyone knows their responsibility in regards to the family, livestock and pets.
  • Perform regular maintenance on all generators and equipment.

Summer evening storm that produced tornadoes.

Severe weather with hail and wind.

  • Make sure that your barn windows are made of shatterproof material to protect your livestock if they are housed inside.
  • Secure any loose siding, roofing or rafters.
  • Store and secure loose equipment and material.
  • Label hazardous material like oil, propane and gasoline.

Thunderheads with lightning and hail.

Summer storm that produces high wind and tornadoes in the picture above.

Emergency Preparedness – Evacuation

Summer storm with severe weather coming in.

  • Make sure you have a weather radio and extra batteries.
  • Animal identification- livestock and pet identification is necessary. Make sure that you have evidence the animals are yours such as pictures of you with the animals and brand registration.
  • Extra food and water with bowls or buckets are handy if you leave home for shelter.

Summer storm damage.

  • Relocate animals if necessary to a safe location. This can
    include open pasture or low lying area. They will be safer out of
    the barn where they can get away from the flying debris.
  • Always make sure that your “go kit” is ready and easy to get to. See our emergency preparedness the basics page to purchase each of these items and for a more complete list.

Make sure to have the basic emergency preparedness steps down at all times to prepare for summer storms.

Emergency Preparedness Hints for Summer Storms

  • Remember “DUCK” for tornado safety. Down to the lowest
    level. Under something sturdy. Cover your head.
    Keep in the shelter until the storm has passed.
  • Lightening can strike 10 miles outside the storm. Remember the 30-30 rule: from lightening flash to bang is 30 seconds or less, get inside. Stay inside for 30 minutes after you hear the last sound of thunder.