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Dairy Goats

Nubian Dairy Goat
Dairy goats such as: Nubian goats, Alpine goats, LaManchas, Oberhaslis, Toggenburgs and Saanens and  are most popular in the Mid-West. More people drink goat milk than cows milk. Goat milk is also used in cheese, yogurt and

Dairy Goat Milk

Nubian goat milk is higher in butterfat
than most other breeds at over 5%. Nubian goat milk also has better flavor than other dairy goat breeds. If raised, kept and milked correctly it is a good alternative to cows’ milk.
Above: Nubian goat All this aside, Nubians are not the easiest for beginners to raise. They can be vocal and very stubborn.

Dairy Goat Weaning

Many dairy goat milk producers will wean the kids after about 3-5 days. They can then be raised on bottles or a Lambar feeding outfit allowing the doe to continue to be
milked regularly for up to 10 months. The kids are then raised until weaned off the bottle and sold at market. Dairy goats can be a “double crop” with milk and offspring.
Goat kid by a lambar feeder.
Goat kids eating at lambar.
Above top: Lambar feeding outfit showing the inside of the
feeder. As many as 10 kids can feed at once from the bucket many times per day.
Above bottom: Lambar feeding outfit hanging on a fence just the
right height for the kids.