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Cattle Dogs And Dog Collars

Cattle dogs and dog collars are surrounded by controversy over whether a cattle dog should wear a dog collar or not. Some say that they only wear it when they are going for a walk or to the vet. Others say their cattle dogs will never wear a dog collar. Most only agree upon the fact that dog collars are generally only used for identification. There are both circles of though in whether or not to put a dog collar on your cattle dog as well.

For Cattle Dogs with Dog Collars

The argument for cattle dogs with dog collars are for identification purposes. If the cattle dog gets loose or lost, at least there is a chance if someone gets close to the dog that they should be able to read the tag on the dog collar. Also, makes a handy spot for a leash.
Dog with collar for identification tag and rabies tag.
This picture is of our Catahoula cross cattle dog with her adjustable nylon dog collar with a plastic buckle. She does have her rabies tag on the dog collar and the slider tag, but it is not visible in the picture.

Dog collars work well for the cattle dog if they are sometimes in the house or in an enclosed area outside while they are not on the job. If an emergency arises and your dog gets loose a dog collar is an easy way to go. A nylon adjustable dog collar with a plastic buckle is probably the most common. The buckle is designed to release under strain. Click here to purchase a nylon adjustable dog collar for your dog.

Against Cattle Dogs with Dog Collars

A lot can be said against cattle dogs with dog collars as well. Dog collars have the potential of getting caught on things like fencing, other dogs, brush, the underside of cars and trailers. Even the nylon adjustable dog collars with the plastic buckles that are supposed to pop loose under strain are not 100% reliable. Cattle dogs on the job should never have a dog collar on. Water gaps, fencing and brush could cause injury or worse while a ranch dog is working or playing. If your cattle dog runs loose on your ranch, you may want to consider a micro chip as an alternative with a tattoo of your brand.

Types of Dog Collars

There are several types of dog collars to choose from as well: nylon with metal buckle, nylon adjustable with plastic buckle, leather, metal (like prong collars or chains), harnesses and gentle leaders. It really depends on the dogs’ environment and the owners’ preference.

Dog Collar Identification Tags

There are just as many choices of identification tags as there are choices of dog collars. I found some very neat “slider” tags available on the web. They are stainless steel, engraved, inexpensive and they do not come off the collar. There are also the normal engraved hanging dog tags, they jingle and could be pulled off easily. I keep the rabies tags in our vet records and the slider identification tags on all the ranch dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog

You can see the slider tag above on the nylon adjustable dog collar. The tags have never come off the collars for 10 years now. The engraving looks just like new.