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Boer Goats

Boer Goats can be a smart addition to your backyard ranch and an excellent way to become more self sustaining by providing a sustaining meat source. Goat meat is incredibly popular and nutritious.

Goats are low maintenance and graze on a wide variety of plants and grasses. Goats can be ran behind cattle on pasture as a form of weed and brush control. Goats need minimal shelter and very little feed supplementation. Hog sheds make excellent shelter for goats, size should depend on the number of animals.
Boer goats are considered a meat goat. There are many different varieties of meat goats to choose from such as: Boer goats, Tennessee Fainting Goats, Kiko goats and Spanish meat goats are popular in the Mid-West. Things to take into consideration as with all livestock, but particularly goats are: fencing, parasite control, predator control, nutrition and breeding stock.
Boer goat does in a pen.
Boer goat does or female goats.
Boer goat “does” in a pen.
Boer goats are suited for hot and cold weather. The females or “does” are good mothers and produce a lot of milk. The male goats are called “billies”.

Boer goat billy.

Goats, like sheep, commonly have twins. Their long breeding season makes it possible to have 3 birthings or “kiddings” in 2 years. Raising and selling weaned goats or “kids” can be profitable. Goat gestation is approximately 150 days (5 months). Boer goats cross very well with Spanish Meat Goats to increase muscle and growth of the kids.

Boer goat kid laying hay.
They also cross well with dairy goats to increase goat milk production.
Boer goats are more widely being used as a companion herd to cattle. They browse on the weeds and other leafy greens that the cattle will typically not eat. In a sense, they are weed control. They are used to get the most out of your pasture without the need for spraying for weeds every season.
Boer goats in green pasture.
Boer goats can be pastured just like cattle, although fencing must be closer together. Woven wire fencing at least four feet high works best for goats.

Boer Goat Meat

Boer goat meat is more mild in flavor than other goat meats. Boer goats are double muscled and gain more muscle than any other goat breed. They do require more supplemental feed than other breeds as a result. Over 1 million pounds of goat meat is consumed in the United States every week. Over half of the red meat consumed in our country now is goat meat.