Beef Chart ?>

Beef Chart

Your cutting order for a beef might include some ideas from the chart.

Beef cattle chart.

Cuts Of Beef

-Fore Shank produces beef soup bones and beef for stew.
-Brisket also produces corned brisket.
-Short Plate produces short ribs, skirt steak, beef for
stew and ground beef.
-Flank produces ground beef, flank steak, beef patties and
london broil.
-Tip produces tip steak, sirloin tips and beef for kabobs.
-Chuck produces chuck roast, short ribs, center cut chuck
roast, arm roast, boneless chuck steak or roast, english cut, beef for stew and ground beef.
-Rib produces standing rib roast, rib steak, club steak and
-rib eye roast or steak.
-Short Loin produces club steak, T-bone steak, porterhouse
steak, K.C. strip steak, tenderloin (filet mignon) steak or roast.
-Sirloin produces sirloin steak, boneless sirloin and
boneless top sirloin.
-Round produces round steak, heel of round or pikes peak
steak, top round, rolled rump, bottom round, Baron of beef roast, cube steak, eye of round and ground beef.