Backyard Chicken Coops ?>

Backyard Chicken Coops

Buying a ready made backyard chicken coop is the way to go if you are just getting started or wanting a new look for an old coop. They come in many sizes, styles and colors. The backyard chicken coops can be made to match your home or barn. They can be purchased with nesting boxes and chicken runs. Some backyard chicken coops are even mobile. Click here to see some fantastic chicken coop kits for sale!

Inside Backyard Chicken Coops

The backyard chicken coop should provide fully enclosed overhead shelter. Summer ventilation is good, but cold winter drafts are not. Please take into consideration your climate and any climate changes. The chicken coop will need to be cleaned easily, as nesting will need to be changed regularly. The nesting boxes can be made of wood, metal or plastic.
The inside of the coop should allow at least 2 square feet per chicken. Be aware of predators and build your backyard chicken coop and fencing accordingly (e.g. raccoons, skunks, snakes, dogs, cats, coyotes, large birds and etc.).
Chicken coops for sale can be custom lined on the bottom side with wire mesh for predator deterrent. Chickens should be closed in the coop at night and allowed out during the day for the same predatory reasons. Chickens can be out in the backyard free range if they are supervised for predators and etc. Keeping them in the coop at night
will allow them to roost, lay and provide protection for both chickens and the eggs.
The chicken coop should always have bedding or litter on the floor. In the winter with more bedding on the floor, the chickens can move around and their feet and legs will be warmer. In the summer, less bedding is needed. Remember to change the bedding when it gets dirty. Chicken poop and bedding makes excellent composting material when mixed with other items. Chickens will take “dirt baths” in the chicken coop (and in the chicken run) taking advantage of the all the floor area.

Outside Backyard Chicken Coops

Crested hens in chicken run.
The protected outside fenced area of the coop (chicken run) should provide at least 4 square feet per chicken if it is a permanent chicken run. Mobile chicken runs are typically smaller, depends on how many birds you have. This ensures the birds plenty of room to scratch and move around. A top on the chicken run is also good idea.